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Man & Machine

Magnvm Opvses

The art of Bram Wouters, known as Magnum Opuses, covers topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics and computers, with the common thread being tensions between man and machines.

‘What sets man and machines apart?’, ‘Could machines represent or define us?’, ‘What is the social and cultural impact of AI on societies? and ‘Could our creations result in us becoming obsolete?’

Bram explores questions like these through his work.

An introduction

Bram Wouters

Bram Wouters was born and raised in a design office in Eindhoven (26-01-1990). He used the men and materials available to him to express himself.

In 2014 Bram graduated from the jewelry department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. He now works from his atelier in Eindhoven.

Past & present


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