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Magnvm Opvses

The art of Bram Wouters, known as Magnum Opuses, covers topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics and computers, with the common thread being tensions between man and machines.

“Bram Wouters exhibits in the stage space of Kunstenlab a collection of works in which he combines modern icons and ancient crafts. From self-portraits in oil to altarpieces with artificial elements.

The artist is curious about where we are heading as humans. On the one hand, he is full of wonder about all that man can accomplish. On the other hand, he is concerned about what we as humans are unleashing on the world.

Artificial intelligence has become a mainstream topic. Bram wonders whether its introduction is the start of our own demise. Through the creation of crafts and iconic portraits Bram puts modern developments on a pedestal.

Bram tries encourage the viewer to ask questions: Are we dependent on artificial intelligence? How will humans and computer coexist in the future? Do computers complement or compete with us?” – Kunstenlab

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